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it’s been a long time…

Hey guys,

It’s been a very long time since I blogged. My last post is from December 2013! So much has happened since then! Whenever I have some free time I will write a blog covering 2014 (our busiest year ever, hence no time for blogging…lol) – but right now I’m gonna write about the first semester of 2015.

The year started with a well deserved break! Giuliano was in Brazil on holidays for a couple of months and I was there too for about 5 weeks (but we didn’t have the chance to meet – I’m from Sao Paulo, he’s from Rio Grande do Sul). Back in London we had to sort out our bassist situation (more on this topic when I write about 2014…lol).

In March after a few weeks thinking about what to do I posted an ad online looking for the ideal bassist. It was a very specific ad. We got a few replies and one of them was from an awesome bassist, David Whitmore. When I checked him out I had the feeling that he was the missing piece in Lost Gravity. I was so sure that we didn’t even book an audition with anyone else.

Mr. David Whitmore

Mr. David Whitmore

When we got in the studio with David, he nailed our whole album and I was very impressed (specially considering that he didn’t want to get any tabs or videos before hand showing him how to play our songs – yes, I have done that in the past for other bassists…lol).

After all these years we have finally found the right bassist! Dave’s got the right attitude, the right tone, stage presence and looks, plus the guy grew up listening to rock and grunge. He knows exactly what to do with our songs. And I believe that Lost Gravity is the perfect band for him too (when I saw his previous band I actually said that he was in the wrong And now I can really say that Lost Gravity are stronger than ever! I know I said it before but now things are just in a new level really! (If you have seen us live in 2015 you know what I am talking about.

Below I’ve made a list with the main things that happened in 2015 so far:

– 10th April – we played at The Garage, Islington – That was our first show with David. Really good show with a great crowd!

Live at The Garage - 10/04/2015

Live at The Garage – 10/04/2015

– 30th May – we played at Camden Rocks Festival 2015 – fantastic show! You can read a gig review here.

Camden Rocks Festival 2015

Camden Rocks Festival 2015

– 2nd July – Changes – Official Video Released – this is our first lyric video ever. Click here to watch it.

– 25th July – we played our whole album live at The Barfly (best show to date!) – that was definitely a night to remember!

LOST GRAVITY live at The Barfly - 25/07/2015

Live at The Barfly – 25/07/2015

– 2nd August – Friendly Fire – Official Video Released – this is our second video released in 2015 and third video from our debut album. By the way, one of the plans made earlier this year was to release more videos in 2015. So far, so good! We’re doing well sticking to the plan…lol

So that’s it for now, folks. If you’re still reading this blog post, thank you so much for your interest and support. We hope to see you soon at one of our shows!



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