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Hello guys,

If you follow us for sometime now you know that I like keeping a written record of LOST GRAVITY’s history via blog posts. I know this is old school and nowadays very few people have time to read blogs, but here we go. If you don’t have the time to read this now, just go back to instagram and scroll through some funny videos…lol

This month (June 2023) has been an important month for us coz we got to play our first gig opening to a famous band. Brazilian melodic metal band Angra was on tour in Europe celebrating their 30th anniversary and they had a show in London. I saw these guys for the first time in São Paulo back in 1996 when they were supporting AC/DC on the Ballbreaker tour. Fast forward 27 years and it was now our turn to open for Angra.

We played a set of almost one hour and the crowd really enjoyed our music. it was great to see some old friends, and we got to make some new fans/friends on the night. The day after the show seeing the comments of some Angra fans saying that they ended up buying our t-shirt instead of Angra’s was something to be really proud of. It made me think of an article someone wrote about us a few years ago where they said that LG would fit in any festival line up. That was spot on! Even though our music is a kind of heavy rock with some grunge influences, it did go down really well amongst the melodic metal fans.

LOST GRAVITY live at The Underworld, London 14th of June 2023

As nothing is perfect, the hours before the show were a bit stressful thanks to some arrogant “rock stars”, but I’d rather not write details here. If you know us personally, you already know what happened that day…lol

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came down to the show to see us (specially those travelling from far!), and a very special thanks to our top friends Marcello and Carlos (aka The Twins) and Trevor for their help with everything!

If you live in London, we have a couple of shows coming up in July and August. They will be announced soon so stay tuned!



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