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“A two piece with more balls than most”

Chris Dale, Metal Talk

"This riffs hit you between the eyes, in the eyes, above the eyes, in fact all over your face."

Down the Front Media

"Big beef Londoners rock'n'roll all nite!"

Kerrang! Magazine

“Punchy, stylish and tuneful rock songs that seduce immediately”


“These guys have an explosive quality in their music and bring energy to their art.”


“Lost Gravity could certainly find themselves becoming the perfect addition to virtually ANY concert line-up.”

Sleeping Bags Music Studios

“This album contains some of the best riffs you’ll hear all year."

Hit The Floor Magazine

"How To Make a Giant: a thunderous and powerful album."

The BandCamp Diaries

"This is a lot of noise for two guys."

Rocker Head

“Breno Val’s infectious personality and the chemistry and dynamics between him and Giuliano pours from the stage, picks you up by the ears, slaps you round the face and awakes you to their brand of musical magic”

Steve Ellis, The Rock Den

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