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another year gone by

Hey guys, how are you doing?

Today is Boxing Day and I hope you all had a great Christmas!! 2013 is nearly over now and I must say: what a great year! We would like to thank you all who have supported us coming to our shows, buying our music, sending your messages with your positive thoughts and wishing us well! As the Stones say: “It’s only rock’n’roll but I like it!” 😉 if you’re reading this, I am sure you’re with us!

For the first time since LG was formed we managed to have the same line up throughout a whole year and that was very productive! We worked on new material, we played the old material tighter and tighter and also got to improvise live on some of the old songs and they sounded great! (see my last blog entry)

As it’s been almost 6 months since my last blog, here goes a short summary of the gigs we played in this time (just for the record). 

LG 2013 live!

LOST GRAVITY rocking on stage!


13/07/2013 – The Workshop, Old Street, London – this was our best show ever to this date! We played a great 40 mins set! If you were there you know what I’m talking about 😉

23/07/2013 – The Good Ship, Kilburn, London  – this show was alright, the vibe on the night was not right (within the band it was good, the problem was outside). On a positive note, our friend Fernando sang Sandman and Back Where You Belong with us, it was cool!


19/09/2013 – Rattlesnake, Angel, London – great show, great sound! our best gig ever to this date!

21/09/2013 – Aces and Eights, Tuffnel Park, London – cool gig with our friends from Diministry. We finished the set with Sandman with Mike (Diministry) on vocals, it was fun. A great night indeed!

22/09/2013 – The White Lion, Streatham, London – we were knackered cos this was our 3rd show on the same weekend. The soundwoman wasn’t very good and obviously this wasn’t our best show, I must say. And we played too fast…lol My friend Puto sang Sandman with us, that was cool! We just wish the sound woman had turned up his mic! (she was too busy on her phone checking her facebollocks)


11/10/2013 – Charlie Wrights, London – this gig was cancelled because the venue said we were too heavy to play there (we took it as a compliment! haha).

19/10/2013 – Scream Lounge, Croydon – awesome show! one of our best sets ever! 45 mins or rock’n’roll! A few weeks later we were sad to hear that the venue was shut. Good memories! The stage, sound and lights there were great!

27/10/2013 – The Islington – this gig was cancelled cos the so called “promoter” was a time waster! If you’re in a band and you are reading this now, avoid taking any gig offers from “Ray Gigs at The Islington”! The venue cancelled our gig only 4 hours before our stage time because the so called promoter booked more bands than what he should!! We emailed him to find out what happened, and guess what? This so called “promoter” Ray never got back to us. Avoid him!


21/11/2013 – Surya, King’s Cross, London – a nice little venue that we had never heard of. We played a 45 mins set and it was good show! My friend Ada played violin on The Last Satellite. This was the first time we ever had a violin in our music. It was interesting, but the sound on stage didn’t help much. But it was cool anyway.


14/12/2013 – 229, Great Portland Street, London – top venue, top sound! We rocked and rolled! This was one of our best gigs ever, and I just wish our set was longer, 30 mins is not enough anymore! 😉

LG in studio

LOST GRAVITY working in studio

Apart from the live shows, we have been working in studio with a great producer. Our first full album should be recorded by the end of January. More details coming soon, stay tuned! 😉

Thank you again for all your support throughout 2013 – we love you all! 

Rock and Roll!!


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