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new year, new songs

Hey guys, Happy New Year!! lol

We’re already in March! Where did the time go? 😛 It doesn’t matter, really. What matters is that everything is going well in the LOST GRAVITY camp!

If you read my last blog, you know how happy I am having Iggy and Giuliano on board. Great musicians, top blokes!

We’ve been working on some new material and it is sounding great! We have 3 new songs (well, 2.5…lol). One of them is very groovy, lots of wah wah and a very rock’n’roll intro (it reminds me of AC/DC – surprise, surprise! haha). Maybe it’s because I’ve been playing my SG lately – thanks, Iggy! lol

The second new song is my new favourite! It reminds me of Black Sabbath and its structure goes a bit like this: DRUMS – RIFF – RIFF – RIFF – RIFF – RIFF – RIFF – RIFF – RIFF – SOLO – RIFF – RIFF – RIFF – FINAL RIFF!  It’s proper heavy rock and we simply love playing it!

The third new song is at the moment just half a song. It’s almost like a ballad, but with a dark riff. It is still work in progress and hopefully it will be finished soon.

What else have we been up to?

We’re now active on Twitter. I know it’s “another virtual thing”, but it’s cool. If you use twitter, follow us. If you don’t, you can join our mailing list, simply click here.

Also, our website has been updated. It looks better now and there’s much more information about the band (but not about The Drummer…lol). If you haven’t visited our site for sometime, check it out!  Hope you like it! 🙂

In January, we had a cool (and cold!) photo shoot with Romina from RAWR Photography. It was more than cold, it was f****** cold, but we had a good time! The photos look great and you can find them on the photo page of our website. Below you can see a behind-the-scenes shot not posted anywhere else:

Photo shoot with RAWR Photography  - Camden Town, London Jan 2013.

Photo shoot with RAWR Photography – Camden Town, London Jan 2013.

On that same day we were supposed to play a gig at The Water Rats but unfortunately it was cancelled due to the snow. The promoter emailed us 4 hours before the show to give us the news, it was quite disappointing. But because we were all fired up and ready to play, we managed to hire a studio and play the gig that same evening alive in the studio. (A friend described us as “true rockers” for doing it – if you’re reading this, neighbour, thanks again! I like that! ;-))

The gig was fun, pretty relaxed and heavy! And the best part of it was that unlike the usual London gigs where bands play for 30 mins, in the studio we played our full set, over 1 hour of rock’n’roll! It was great!! As they say: “the show must go on!”

We also had another gig that never happen booked for February. At least this time the promoter emailed us well in advance! They had some problems with the venue I think. On the night of our “supposed gig” I tried to go to the venue for a few pints and guess what? The place was shut! Probably they’re out of the business…

So now our next gig  is on Thursday, 21st of March. We’re playing at The Boston  in Tuffnel Park. You can find all the details clicking here.

If you’re in town, come down to see us and be the first to hear our new songs!

Rock on!!


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