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a few comments on Lost Gravity III

Hey guys, been a while!

Once again, things took longer than usual to happen, but they are finally here (or almost…lol). This time I’m talking about our third EP, Lost Gravity III. The recordings took much longer than expected due to lots of unexpected things happening along the way. From a huge personal loss (see my last blog), to two months away, plus some shit happening and a computer crash that made us have to re record two of the songs. Anyway, lots of negative things happened but as one of my favourite quotes says “what doesn’t kill me, only makes me stronger” and here we are: stronger than ever!

So I’ve just been listening to the final mastered version of Lost Gravity III and I think it sounds great! This is the sound of the band back to how it was meant to be when it was formed almost 5 years ago: heavy, raw, loud, guitar driven, punchy and almost noisy in a very nice rock’n’roll way (does that make sense? lol).

For those expecting a continuation of the sound we got on Selfish EP, I hope you won’t be disappointed. Lost Gravity III sounds less polished and much better in my opinion. And since I’ve taken over the vocals it’s obviously that the “face of the band” has changed (but I would say that the soul is still the same!). We have just added a little Brazilian accent to the vocals (and no, we don’t sound like Sepultura or Soulfly…lol). Some of you might like it, and some might not but we are completely happy with the final result and that’s what matters! We’ve never followed any musical trend or tried to sound like “someone else” anyway.

The title Lost Gravity III came out for two very obvious reasons: first of all because this is our third EP and secondly because we have become a trio. So thanks to that number 3 we thought we should have 3 brand new tracks recorded.

The first track is Free Spirit, an instrumental song. We have played it live a few times as our set opener and the feedback has been positive most of the times. Some people suggested “add some vocals to that song” but no, it’s such a cool riff that the guitar tells the story (and it will be stuck in your head!).

The second track, Back Where You Belong, is a riff based heavy rock/grunge song. It’s my new favourite I must say and it’s packed up with energy.

The third track, The Last Satellite, is a rock ballad written ages ago. We played it live only 2 or 3 times and the recorded version sounds really good! I think it’s got my best guitar solo yet which, by the way, was inspired by Japanese music.

We have also added a bonus track, my old favourite Selfish, this time stripped down as an acoustic version, something different for LOST GRAVITY. For the first time we don’t have that little RAT pedal on! I’d like to say thanks to my mates Elvis for recording the bass and percussion and Nick for giving me that acoustic guitar used on the song.

Below you can see the new EP cover. It is very simple and I hope you like it. I still believe in “less is more” 😉

Rock on!!



Lost Gravity III – ep cover

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