11/2014 - Sonic Shocks Magazine

Mark Fletcher was at The Underworld to review Lost Gravity's album launch show and interviewed the band in the back of their limo on the way to the after party. Full article on page 32.


10/2014 - Rock Your Lyrics interview

Breno talks about the beginning of the band, the music industry and about where the ideas behind the lyrics come from. read more »


10/2014 - Kerrang! debut album review

"Big beef Londoners rock'n'roll all nite" - KKK read more »


10/2014 - RL Swedish blog interview

Breno Val talks with Robex Lundgren about the band, the debut album and the music industry. read more »


10/2014 - Sleeping Bag Studios album review

Lost Gravity has found themselves with one absolutely massive sound and they execute it flawlessly.  If you look into their history – you’ll find out that this band has gone through a ton to get this album made... read more »


10/2014 - DJ Metal Heart interview

I’ve been following this band for over a year now, listening to the three previously recorded EP’s over and over again and love the new album! I’m really happy to finally get the opportunity to talk to Breno about his experience... read more »


10/2014 - Ringmaster album review

Though it would be wrong to claim that the self-titled debut album from UK based Lost Gravity set a fire in ears straight away, it certainly left a smouldering lure and attraction which over time has inspired a very healthy appetite for the... read more »


10/2014 - PowerPlay Magazine

This inaugural full length sees the blending of a panoply of influences in a sturdy and spunky package that nods to the kingpins of heavier waters... read more »


09/2014 - Black Velvet Magazine

London based heavy rockers Lost Gravity fuse alt rock anc classic metal and hints of other influences into a highly promising first full-lenght album. Opener "What Goes Around Comes Around" is an energetic start, and main man Breno Val is clearly... read more »


09/2014 - Hit The Floor Magazine album review

Since their formation in 2007, Lost Gravity have recorded and self-released 3 EPs through lead singer Breno Val‘s record company Priston Records. But their debut self-titled album here signals the transition... read more »


09/2014 - Rock Regeneration album review

Heading out of London with some hard rocking attitude; serious riffs and a sound that seems born of Soundgarden, you are in for a wild ride. From the opening with... read more »


09/2014 - Some Talent album review

Coming from London, Lost Gravity are a band that has a surprisingly American sound. The hard rock/heavy metal band have been together since 2007, self-releasing three... read more »


08/2014 - Get Read To Rock Review

"The CD itself is pretty cool, a miniature vinyl, I like a novelty. Overall a good album, the changes in style keep you interested right to the end"... read more »


08/2014 - Metal Empire interview

Breno talks about the new album, DIY musicians and super powers... read more »


08/2014 - Whiplash Brazil

Formada pelo guitarrista e vocalista brasileiro Breno Val, a banda britânica Lost Gravity divulgou a capa e os detalhes do seu álbum de estréia que será lançado no proximo... read more »


07/2014 - Already Heard

London duo Lost Gravity have set a release date of 13th October for their self-titled debut album. With influences consisting of Soundgarden, Foo Fighters, and Metallica... read more »


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