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A New Season Has Begun!

Hey folks, how are you doing?

It’s been a while since my last blog post. So much has happened since “broken bones” (if you follow this blog you know what I am talking about) .

For those of you interested, the recovery from surgery was perfect and now over 11 months later my foot is 100%! (thanks again to everyone who was there for me during the hard times, recovery times and thanks to those who asked me how I am doing). Thanks God I am walking and running again!

So speaking of LOST GRAVITY, so much has happened since my last blog post (Nov 2015). Guess what? More line up changes again… and again!

Last December we parted ways with David (bassist). We ended 2015 playing an awesome New Year’s Eve show with our friend Connor Meighan helping us out on bass. Connor had only 5 days to learn the set. We had one rehearsal but we rocked hard at the 12 Bar in Holloway Road! The feedback after that show was awesome and it was a great way to celebrate the end of a great year for LOST GRAVITY! Thanks to Connor we were able to play the gig!

The first half of 2016 was a bit slow. We played only 4 shows with our new bassist, Andrew. They were: The Barfly (1st of April), Camden Rocks Festival (4th of June) and two gigs at The Lounge (23rd of June, a rainy Brexit Referendum Day and 8th of July at The Lounge Fest).

The Barfly and The Lounge gigs were great! But our Camden Rocks Festival 2016 show was a bit disappointing (at least for me). The sound was really bad and that took away a lot of my enjoyment of being on stage. Last year playing this festival was much more fun!

In July we played a couple of gigs outside London. One show at Harvey’s in Luton ( 22nd of July) and a festival in Hatfield, The Den Fest (30th of July). This festival was definitely a day to remember!

Dean, the festival organizer, really knows how to put on a show and it was a pleasure to be on the bill. Top people involved in the organization, everything running on time, great stage, cool lights, smoke machine and the most important of all: the perfect sound! It makes such a difference when you are on stage playing with a decent sound. The feedback we had when we came off stage was amazing! The crowd in Hatfield is fantastic and we look forward to playing there again!

We could play both gigs in July (Luton and Hatfield) just because once again we had our friend Connor stepping in last minute since Andrew couldn’t make those shows. Connor had only 1 week to relearn the songs and only one rehearsal before each show to get the set together.

Now summer has just finished and a new season for the band has just started.

I am pleased to announce that our friend Connor Meighan is now a full time member of LOST GRAVITY! If you wanna know more about Connor, click here.

I would like to say thanks to Andrew for the time in the band and wish him all the best in his future projects.

Bring on Autumn 2016!

Rock on!!


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